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Frequently Asked Questions

“Good is not good, when Great is expected!”

Why do I need my home inspected?

The purchase of your new home will be the most costly investment that your family will ever make. We know that buying a new house is very stressful. Buyers have so many valid questions and concerns about potential homes. To the untrained eye, many things go unnoticed. Some homebuyers notice cosmetic concerns, but the structural integrity of the home is what is most important and that’s what the inspector is looking for. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacing big ticket items. Having your home inspected will answer all of the important questions that you may have.

What will the home inspector look for?

Our Five Star Inspection will include the five major components of a home (Structure, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Appliances). You will also receive a free Thermal Image Inspection which means that your inspector will be able to see through your walls to uncover such things as: hidden plumbing leaks, insufficient insulation, hot curcuit breakers and many other things not seen by the naked eye. You can rest assured knowing that every inch of your house has been inspected and the entire structure complies with State and Building Codes. For a more detailed explanation of our inspection please refer to: “Five Star Home Inspection” listed in “Our Services”.

How long will a home inspection take?

Our inspections are very detailed and will take approximately three to four hours to complete, excluding the time it takes to prepare the report. These times may very due to the size, age and condition of the house.

Should I be present during the inspection?

We recommend that you are present, in most cases at the end of the inspection, however, you are welcome to be there from start to finish. We do realize that it is not always possible for you to be present due to other obligations. The inspection report you receive will be extremely detailed, and your inspector will be available to answer any questions you may have.

What if the inspection indicates that there are major problems with the home?

Our detailed report will tell you the condition of the house, including needed repairs. There is no perfect home, each will have defects. It is up to you to decide which ones you feel are important to you. If major problems are found, you may want to try and negotiate with the seller to have the defects repaired before closing the deal. In some cases the sellers will lower their price, or you may choose not to proceed with the purchase.

What if I have questions after the home has been inspected?

We will be available to answer any questions you may have before or after you receive your inspection report.

Does my inspector need to be certified?

Absolutely! All home inspectors in the state of Texas are required by law to be certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission. It is recommended that you visit the Texas Real Estate Commission website and search by name or license number to ensure that your inspectors’ certification is active.

Are home inspections required?

While they are not legally required, it is highly recommended. Would you feel comfortable buying a car without taking it on a test drive, or having a mechanic take a look at the engine? Homes are much more costly than a car, and most people do not have the training or experience needed to see major problems that can easily be found by a licensed home inspector.