Home Inspection Terms – Glossary – Art Deco to Awning Window

Art Deco:

A decorative style used in the 1920s and 1930s,  based on geometric forms and patterns, some derived from nature; promoted the use of ornaments for its own sake; used in architecture, furnishings, textiles, and decorative arts.


Art Nouveau: 

A decorative style popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; characterized by asymmetric, curvilinear forms inspired by nature; used in all the arts and crafts of the period, including architecture and interior design.



Is a nonflammable, natural mineral fiber currently being investigated for potential health-threatening properties. Asbestos is classified as friable (loose -may become airborne) or non-friable (stable).



American Society of Home Inspectors



A waterproofing agent applied to roofing materials during manufacture.
“ONE” Asphalt Tile:   A resilient floor covering laid in mastic, which comes in several colors.


Art Nouveau: 

Asphalt Plastic Cement:   An asphalt-based cement used to bond roofing materials. Also known as flashing cement or mastic.



An area in a structure with a ceiling of translucent material that admits sunlight, generally located in a central area.


Atrium House: 

A structure with an open interior court onto which rooms open; may be of two or more stories, free standing or joined in rows, groups or clusters. A variation of the patio house.



A space that is accessible between roof rafters and ceiling joists, located at the top of the structure.


Attic Access: 

An area given to gain access to an attic; could be a scuttle hole, a pull-down stairway or hatch Attic.


Attic Ventilators:

Openings in roofs or gables that allow air to circulate.


Automatic Safety Controls: 

Devices designed and installed to protect systems, components and persons from excessively high or low pressures and temperatures, excessive electric current, loss of water, loss of ignition, fuel leaks, fire, freezing or other unsafe conditions.



A value which is typically used to sum up or describe a mass of data. It is a measure of central tendency. The mid number of the sum of all data. An average condition given its age and function, may need repair or replacement in the reasonable near future, showing definite signs of wear and/or usage.



A roof-like shelter extending over an area, such as a doorway, a window, a porch, that provides protection from the sun or rain.


Awning Window: 

A type of window that has a sash with hinges at the top, which permit the window to open horizontally, forming an awning over the opening..