Glossary – R

Racking:   Roofing application method in which shingle courses are applied vertically up the roof rather than across and up. NOT a recommended procedure.

Radiant Heating:   A type of steam, electric or hot water heat that uses pipes concealed in floors, ceilings or walls.

Radiator:   An exposed fixture that heats with a combination of radiation and convection; e.g. the common, cast-iron radiator; as distinguished from convectors, finned heating elements that are concealed in walls or cabinets, e.g., baseboard heating.

Rafter:   One of a series of inclined structural roof members spanning from an exterior wall to a center ridge beam or ridge board.

Rake Edge:   The edge of a gable roof system which runs parallel to the roof slope, from the eave to the ridge.

Rail:   The horizontal piece in a door, window sash or panel.

Rake:   The inclined edge of a sloped roof over a wall.

Random-Tab Shingles:   Shingles on which tabs vary in size and exposure.

Rap:   U-shaped section of pipe located between a fixture or appliance and a branch drain that holds water, forming a seal to prevent sewer gas from entering through fixture drain.

Readily Openable Access Panel:   A panel provided for homeowner inspection and maintenance which has removable or operable fasteners or latch devices in order to be lifted off, swung open or otherwise removed and its edges and fasteners are not painted in place.

Receptacle:   Device in an electric wiring system to which a lamp, appliance or extension cord is connected by means of a plug on the end or a cord.

Refractory:   A material, usually nonmetallic, used to withstand high temperatures, as in the combustion chamber of an oil-fired heating system.

Refrigerant:   Substance used in a refrigerator or air conditioner that absorbs and releases heat.

Register:   Grill at end of a supply or return duct in a forced warm-air heating system or refrigerated air conditioning system through which air enters or leaves a room.

Reinforced Concrete:   Concrete that is strengthened by embedding iron or steel bars, rods or mesh in it.

Relay:   An electromechanical switch. A device in which changes in the current flow in one circuit are used to open or close electrical contacts in a second circuit.

Repairs:   Current expenditures for general upkeep to preserve a property’s condition and efficiency.

Representative Number:   For multiple identical components such as windows and electrical outlets – one such component per room. For multiple identical exterior components one- such component on each side of the building.

Resilient Tile:   A manufactured interior floor covering that is resilient, such as vinyl or vinyl-asbestos tile.

Reverse Polarity:   Electrical outlets which have hot and neutral wire attached to the wrong terminals

Ridge:   The uppermost, horizontal external angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

Ridge Beam:   The beam or board placed on edge at the ridge (top) of the roof into which the upper ends of the rafters are fastened.

Ridge Shingles:   Shingles used to cover the horizontal external angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

Rise:   The vertical distance from the eaves line to the ridge.

Riser:   The vertical height of a stair step. Also used as the name of the vertical boards that close the space between the treads of a stairway.

Roll Roofing/Rolled Roofing:   Asphalt roofing products manufactured in roll form.

Roof:   The top of the house. Used broadly to include the roofing, flashing, sheeting, substructure, gutters and roof attachments.

Roof Diaphragm:   A specially designed  roof section which resists vertical and lateral forces resulting from wind loading of the structure.

Roof Drainage Systems:   Gutters, downspouts, leaders, splash blocks, and similar components used to carry water off a roof and away from a building.

Roofing:   The covering of the roof. The part intended to keep the water from damaging the rest.

Roofing Cement:   Black elastic water-proofing compound used in flashing and roofing installations and for repairs.

Roofing Felt:   A thick, fibrous paper impregnated with asphalt used between roof deck and some roofing materials.

Roofing Tape:   An asphalt-saturated tape used with asphalt cements for flashing and patching asphalt roofing.

Room:   An interior subdivision of a structure, usually accompanied by descriptive term signifying use, such as living room, bedroom.

RRT:   Railroad tie often used in landscaping.

Run:   The horizontal distance from the eaves to a point directly under the ridge. One half the span.