Glossary – N

Newel Post:   A vertical post that supports the handrail at top or bottom of stairway or at a landing turn; the post around which a circular stairway winds.

No-Cutout Shingles:   Shingles consisting of a single, solid tab with no cutouts.

Non-Expansive Soil:   A soil which does not contain a significant amount of clay minerals which experience considerable volume changes in response to changes in the moisture content.

Non-Loading Bearing Wall:   A wall which supports no load other than its own weight.

Normal:   Conforming with an accepted standard or model, corresponding to the median or average for type, appearance or function, i.e., natural standard or regular.

Normal Operating Controls:   Homeowner operated devices such as a thermostat, wall switch or safety switch.

Normal Slope Application:   Method of installing asphalt shingles on roof slopes between 4 inches and 21 inches per foot.

Nosing:   The rounded edge of a stair tread that projects over the riser.

Not Inspected:   Not applicable or not inspected due to conditions or circumstances existing at the time of the inspection.