Home Inspection Terms – Glossary – I-Beam to Interlocking Shingles


A steel beam that resembles the letter I in cross section.

Ice Dam:   Condition formed at the lower roof edge by the thawing and re-freezing of melted snow on the overhang. Can force water up and under shingles, causing leaks.

Inspector:   Any person who examines any component of a building, through visual means and through normal user controls, without the use of mathematical sciences.

Installed:   Attached or connected such that the installed item requires tools for removal.

Insulating Board:  

A building board made of compressed plant fibers, e.g., wood, cane, corn, stalks, dried and pressed to a specific thickness.
Insulation:   Any material used to reduce the transfer of heat, cold or sound.

Interior Trim:   The finish on the interior of a building; e.g., casing, molding, baseboard.

Interlocking Shingles:

Individual shingles that mechanically fasten to each other to provide wind resistance.

Inward:   Directed toward the interior