Home Inspection Terms – Glossary – Jack Rafter to Junction Box

Jack Rafter: 

A jack rafter is a short roof rafter that extends from another structural framing member, not from the top of the exterior wall.

Jack Stud:   An extra vertical supporting member in a frame wall or partition over a door, window or archway.


Jalousies are adjustable glass louvers in doors or windows that regulate light and air or exclude rain.

Jamb:   The side framing or finish of a doorway or windows.

Jetty:   In construction, the projection parts of a structure; e.g., a bay window, a balcony.

Joint:   The point where two objects or surfaces meet; the space between units in a masonry wall that is occupied by mortar or bonding material.

Joint Compound:   Plaster-like material used along with wallboard tape to fill and finish joints between gypsum board panels.

Joist:   One of a series of parallel beams used to support floor and ceiling loads, and supported in turn by larger beams (girders) or bearing walls. Evenly spaced, horizontal lengths of lumber that provide structural support for floors and ceiling.

Junction Box: 

A junction box is a box in an electrical system where main circuits are connected or smaller circuits join the main circuit.