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M Roof:   

M roof is a type of roof which is made up of two double-pitch roofs. This type of construction has two advantages; it utilizes shorter material for rafters and reduces the elevation of the building.

Main:   A pipe, conduit or circuit leading to or from the branches of a utility system.

Main Circuit:   Circuit that carries a heavy electrical load to the branch circuits of a distribution system.

Major Repairs/Minor Repairs:   A major repair will be a repair that is estimated to cost $500.00 or more for material or labor. A minor repair will be under that amount for material and labor. Amount of estimated cost will be determined by assuming the use of a licensed and qualified technician in the area being estimated, i.e., a qualified electrician for electrical repair, a qualified plumber for a plumbing repair, etc. This definition will apply to each repair.

Mansard Roof:   A type of roof containing two sloping planes of different pitch on each of four sides. The lower plane has a much steeper pitch than the upper, often approaching vertical. Contains no gables.

Mantel:   The decorative facing placed around a fireplace; usually made of ornamental wood and topped with a shelf.

Marcite:   Plaster finish applied to inside swimming pool shell. It is the waterproof layer.

Masonry:  Brick, stone, concrete or concrete block building material used for walls, floors and paving.

Masonry Primer:   An asphalt-based primer used to prepare masonry surfaces for bonding with other asphalt products.

Masonry Wall:   A wall of stone, brick, tile, cement block, concrete, etc.

Mastic:   See Asphalt Plastic Cement

Mechanical Equipment:   Any mechanical device located on the exterior of a structure.

Milling:   Process that imparts a smooth surface to a piece of lumber; process that lends decorative shape to a piece of wood.

Mineral Stabilizers:   Finely ground limestone, slate, trap-rock or other inert materials added to asphalt coatings for durability and increased resistance to fire and weathering.

Mineral-Surfaced Roofing: 

Mineral-Surfaced Roofing is asphalt shingles and roll roofing that are covered with granules.

Miter:   To cut ends of two pieces of wood at an angle so they can be joined to form a corner.

Mobile Home:   A house trailer; a complete livable dwelling equipped with wheels so that it may be towed from place to place by a truck or automobile, depending upon its size and the highway regulations of the states through which it will travel.

Modular Construction:   Prefabrication in three dimension. Entire rooms are built in a factory and shipped to their eventual location, where very little ansate labor is required.

Moisture Barrier: 

Moisture barrier is the insulation material placed in a wall, floor or other parts of a structure to form a barrier against the passage of vapor or moisture in order to prevent condensation within such walls or floor.

Moisture Content:   The weight of the water in wood expressed as a percentage of the weight of oven dry wood.

Molding:   Milled piece of lumber used to hide a joint or add a finished look.

Monitor Roof:   A type of framing which includes an elevated central section. It is generally encountered in industrial buildings and provides better lighting and ventilation.

Monolithic:   A term used for concrete construction poured and cast in one unit without joints.

Mortar:   Mixture of cement , sand, water and sometimes lime used as an adhesive for laying brick, stone, ceramic tile and concrete block.

Mortise:   Recess made in a piece of wood to receive a lockset, hinge or other piece of hardware.

Mosaic:   A decoration made of small pieces of glass, stone, ceramic or other material laid in mortar or mastic to form a design.

Mullion:   A thin, vertical bar of wood, lead or stone that divides multiple windows, panes of glass, wall panels, screens, etc.


Muntin is a slender horizontal bar of wood or metal that divides panes in a window or panels in a door.