Home Inspection Terms – Glossary – Gable Roof to Gypsum Board


A gable is the upper portion of a sidewall that comes to a triangular point at the ridge of a sloping roof.

Gable Roof: 

A gable roof is a double-sloped roof from the ridge to the eaves; the end section appears as an inverted V.

Gable Stud:   A stud which is a component of the framing of the gable end of the framing of the gable end of a structure.

Gambrel Roof:   A type of roof containing two sloping planes of different pitch on each side of the ridge. The lower plane has a steeper slope than the upper. Contains a gable at each end.

Garbage Disposal:   An electrical appliance, usually installed in a sink, which reduces garbage to small particles which may be disposed of by washing down the drain.

Garden Apartments:   An apartment development of two- or three-story, walk up structures built in a garden-like setting; customarily a suburban or rural-urban fringe development.

Gasket:   Material (often rubber) that is installed between two parts to make a joint leak proof.

GFCI:   (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) An electrical mechanism usually located in a receptacle box or at the main service panel. Measures voltage differential between the hot wire and neutral wire. When a differential is detected, the receptacle or breaker is shut off.

GFI:   (Ground Fault Interrupter) A safety device used on electrical outlets on exterior outlets on exterior walls, near pools, kitchens and bathrooms to prevent electrical shock.

Gingerbread Work:   A term used to describe the excessive use of ornamentation in architecture, especially of a house.

Girder:   The main structural support beam in a wood-framed floor. The girder supports one end of each joist.

Glass Wool Insulation:   Material made of glass fibers, usually in the form of blankets wrapped in heavy asphalt-treated or vapor-barrier paper.

Glazier’s Points: 

Glazier’s points are small metal pieces used to hold a glass pane in a window sash until putty is applied.

Good:   In above-average condition given its age and function, showing less than normal sign of wear and/or usage.

Grade:   The ground level existing at the outside walls of a building or elsewhere on a building site.

Grade (Finish Grade):   A reference plane representing the average finished ground level adjoining a structure.

Grade (Lumber Grade):   The designation of the quality of a manufactured piece of wood.

Grade (Natural Grade):   A reference plane representing the undisturbed natural ground level adjoining or around a structure.

Grading:   A sloping of the grounds immediately adjacent to a building. Proper grading causes water to flow away from a structure. Grading can be accomplished either with machinery or by hand.

Granules:   Ceramic, color-coated crushed rock that is applied to the exposed surface of asphalt roofing products.

Graphite:   Fine black lubricating powder used dry or mixed with oil.

Gray Water:   Waste water not containing sewage or fecal matter or food wastes. Waste water from bathing and laundry is gray water. Wastes from garbage disposal and toilets is not.

Grain:   The direction, size, arrangement, appearance or quality of the fibers in wood.

Green Lumber:   Lumber which has not been dried or seasoned

Ground:   To connect any part of an electrical wiring system to a ground, either a cold water pipe or a long metal rod driven solidly into the soil, to keep metal parts of wiring system at zero volts.

Ground Beam:   In construction, a horizontal member of iron, steel or stone that is located on or near the ground and used to support the superstructure and distribute its load.

Ground Floor:  The floor of a building that is approximately level with the ground.

Grout:   A thin, fluid mortar used to fill small joints and cavities in masonry work.

Gutter:   The trough that channels water from the eaves to the downspouts.

Gypsum Board: 

Gypsum board is a large panel composed of a fire-resistant gypsum core sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper and used as a finish for walls and ceilings or as a backing for other wall and ceiling material.