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Service Entrance and Panels

Your Red Star home inspector will inspect the service entrance cables and the integrity of insulation, drip loop, separation of conductors at weatherheads and clearances. Your inspector will report any drop, weatherhead or mast that is not securely fastened. He will also report any repair needed due to lack of  grounding electrode conductor or lack of secure connection to the grounding electrode  or grounding system. Your inspector will ensure that all main or sub panels are secured to the structure and appropriate for their location, have inside covers in place, that the conductors are protected from the edges of metal panel boxes, have trip ties installed on labeled 240 volt circuits, and have proper fasteners.  The inspector will report any deficiencies in the type and condition of the wiring in the panels, in the compatibility of over current protectors for the size of conductor being used and in sizing of listed equipment of over current protection and conductors, when power requirements for listed equipment are readily available and breakers are labeled. Your inspector will report any panel installed in a hazardous location, absence of appropriate connections and lack of main disconnect(s).


Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect the circuit wiring and all receptacles. He will note any areas where power is not present, polarity is incorrect, or instances in which the unit is not grounded (if applicable). He will also report evidence of arcing or excessive heat, units that are not securely fastened to the wall and covers that are not in place.

Safety Control

Your Red Star Home Inspector will ensure the ground fault circuit interrupter devices are properly installed.