HVAC Inspection Houston Texas | Katy Property Inspectors


Heating System

During your Katy or Houston HVAC Inspection, your RedStar Home Inspector will inspect the heating system and it’s energy sources. The inspector will report systems that do not operate properly using normal control devices and deficiencies in controls and accessible operating components of the system.

In Gas Units

 The inspector will inspect the burner and report deficiencies in the burner compartment, type, condition, draft and termination of the vent pipe or proximity to combustibles; the lack of combustion and draft air or inappropriate location, or lack of forced air in the burner compartment.  He will also report gas units that display flame impingement, uplifting flame, improper flame color or excessive scale buildup. Your inspector will ensure the proper use of materials for the gas branch line and the connection to the appliance, he will report the absence of a gas shut-off valve, or a valve that is not properly located, inaccessible, or leaks. Your inspector will report elements in electric furnaces that do not operate properly, or a return chase or plenum that are not free of improper and hazardous conditions, such as gas pipes, sewer vents, refrigerant piping or electrical wiring, and will ensure that the furnace is accessible.

Cooling Systems

Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect the cooling system for proper pressure of system coolant and determine presence of leaks, he will also inspect digital thermostats and controls to ensure proper function.

Ducts and Vents

Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect all ducts, vents (including dryer vents) and flues. He will report any damaged ducts, insulation, improper material or improper routing of ducts where visible.  He will ensure proper airflow at all accessible supply registers in the living areas of the structure and report any deficiencies in accessible duct fans and filters.  Your inspector will also report deficiencies in installation, such as gas piping, sewer vents, electrical wiring or junction boxes in the plenum, returns, chases or improper sealing, where visible. He will inspect all system components and report any flue or vent pipe that does not properly  terminate and report any deficiencies in materials used for the venting system.