Residential Plumbing Inspection

Exterior Walls, Doors, Windows and Door Glazing

During your plumbing inspection, your RedStar home inspector will report any visible deficiencies of exterior walls due to structural performance or water damage. He will inspect the condition of the exterior doors and garage doors, including door locks and latches when present. The inspector will report any windows or doors with evidence of broken seals or missing screens.

Water Supply

Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect all accessible and visible water supply sources and report any deficiencies in the condition and operation of all fixtures and faucets. He will note any areas in which there is a lack of back-flow devices, anti siphon devices or systems or air gaps. Your inspector will report any incompatible materials in connecting devices between differing metals in the supply system, and deficiencies in water supply by viewing functional flow in two fixtures operated simultaneously.


Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect all accessible drains and plumbing fixtures to ensure proper drainage and proper installation of fixtures. He will report any lack of mechanical drain-stops in sinks lavatories and tubs during your plumbing inspection.

Water Heaters

Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect the water heater and report the energy source and any fittings that leak or are corroded. He will inspect the  temperature and pressure relief valve piping and report one that lacks gravity drainage, is improperly sized, has deficiencies in material, or lacks a correct termination.  He will also report temperature and pressure relief valves that do not operate properly when the valve is of an operable type and operation will not cause damage to persons or property. The inspector will ensure there are no broken or missing parts, covers or controls. He will report any deficiencies in the burner, flame and burner compartment, the operation of the heating elements and the condition of wiring. He will make sure that adequate materials were used for the gas branch line and the connection to the appliance, and that a gas shut-off valve is present and accessible. Your Red Star Home Inspector will also report deficiencies in the vent pipe, draft diverter, draft hood and their condition, draft, proximity to combustibles and vent termination point, observing for adequate combustion and draft air. He will note unsafe locations or installation and any lack of safety pans or drains.


 Your Red Star Home Inspector will inspect whirlpool equipment and report any unit that does not operate, leaks, lacks a ground fault circuit interrupter or has an interrupter that does not operate. He will also note any switches that are not in a safe location, or do not operate properly and report evidence of leaks under the tub, deficiencies in ports, valves, grates and covers.