How Virtual Reality Home Inspections Work

May 12, 2019

RedStar Professional Home Inspection is revolutionizing the home inspection industry with Virtual Reality 3D Home Inspections

We are the first in the country to offer 3D virtual reality technology with all of our home inspection reports.  

What this means is, you will be able to virtually walk through the home that you are personally buying, just like you were at the inspection. We will take you through your home and show you where we noticed something that needs addressing. Wherever defects are located,  click on the dot, and an explanation of the defects will pop up. We also guide you further by recording videos. And if you’re buying a brand new home, the phase 2 virtually reality report will show where the plumbing and electrical components are before the sheetrock is installed. We all forget little details over time especially after looking at multiple homes but with RedStar Experience, you can visit the home as many times as you like. You will also be able to use your phone and virtual reality goggles to share your home with family and friends. Say goodbye to long, boring, archaic reports. Virtual reality reports are the future of home inspections.

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